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18. Optimum Design of Composite Structures (RIST) March 1993– Feb. 1994      
17. Studies and Developments of Adaptive Structures for Aerospace Applications (ADD) April 1993– March 1996      
16. Processing and Characterization of Advanced Composite Materials (KOSEF) Sep. 1991 – Aug. 1994      
15. Tensile Behavior of Carbon/Epoxy Laminated Plate under Pin Loading (KRF) Sep. 1992– July 1993      
14. Analysis of Shaft Vibration of Industrial Motor (LG Electronics) March 1992 – Feb. 1993      
13. Failure Mechanism of Composite Materials (RIST) March 1992 –Feb. 1993      
12. Development of Steel Sleeper for Railroad III (POSCO) Jan. 1992 – Dec. 1992      
11. Development of Composite Component for Ladle Nozzle Exchanging Robot (RIST) Jan. 1991–Feb. 1992       
10. Analysis on Failure Mechanisms and Fatigue Behavior of Composite Laminates under Axial and Torsional Loadings (KRF) Nov. 1990– Oct. 1991      
9. Study on Fatigue Life Prediction and Failure Mechanism of Symmetrical and Unsymmetrical Laminated Plate (Korea Science and Engineering Foundation; KOSEF) Mar. 1990-Feb. 1992      
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