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68. Analysis and Design of Continuous Casting Machine Segment in Severe Condition (POSCO), Dec. 2007-Sep. 2008      
67. Optimization for Array Antenna Performance (ETRI) Mar. 2007-Jan. 2008      
66. Design of Smart Skin for Phase Array Antennas (Postech University-Industry Collaboration Institute), Jan. 2007-Dec.2007      
65. Robust Design and Analysis of Continuous Casting Machine Segment (POSCO), Jan. 2007-Dec. 2007      
64. Design and Application of Nanostructures Using Surface Modification Technique (KOSEF), May 2006-Feb. 2011      
63. Improvement of Ladle Slide Gate System by Robust Design (Chosun Refractory) , Apr. 2007–June. 2007      
62. Structure Analysis and Design Technique Development of Fuel Cell (NGV), Nov. 2006–Fev. 2007      
61. The Investigations for Water Leakage Mechanism and Countermeasure of 2-1M/C I-STAR Guide Roller (POSCO), July 2006–Jan. 2007      
60. Improvement of Refractory Plates for Sliding Gate Valve Using TRIZ and Axiomatic Design (Chosun Refractory) Apr. 2006–June 2006      
59. Stress Analysis and Development of Power Generator Boiler Pipe (POSCO) Jan. 2005–Dec. 2005      
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