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8. Development of Steel Sleeper for Railroad II (POSCO) Jan. 1990– Dec.1990       
7. Study on Fatigue Damage Model and Multi-Stress Level Fatigue Life Prediction of Composite Materials (Korea Research Foundation; KRF) Dec. 1989– Nov. 1990      
6. Development of Manufacturing Processing of Metallic Composite Materials for Airplane Components (Ministry of Science and Technology; MOST) June 1989 – May 1992      
5. Study on Mechanical Behavior of Composite Laminates under Axial and Torsional Loadings (RIST) July 1989 - June 1990      
4. Fatigue Analysis of Carbon/Epoxy Laminated Plate (Agency for Defense Development; ADD) June 1989 – May 1990      
3. Optimum Design of Composite Materials by FEM (Research Institute of Science and Technology; RIST) March 1989 – Feb. 1990      
2. Development of Steel Sleeper for Railroad (POSCO) May 1988 – Apr. 1989      
1. Fatigue Analysis of Pressure Vessel (Hyundai Heavy Industry) May 1988–Nov. 1988      
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