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58. Development of the Extreme High Vacuum Chamber Using Adhesive Force and TRIZ (MCIE) Sep. 2004– Aug. 2005      
57. Modeling and Analysis of Vibration of CGL POT STrip (POSCO) Sep. 2004–Aug. 2005      
56. Analysis of Steel Plate Slip of 1CAL CR Product (POSCO) Aug. 2004–July 2005      
55. Modeling for Prediction of Vibration Property of Drum Washing Machine (LG electonisc Inc.) May. 2004–Feb. 2005      
54. Study on Mechanical Characteristic of Reflection Plate Antenna (ETRI) Apr. 2004–Dec. 2004      
53. Development of Next Generation Intelligent Surgery System (Ministry of Health and Welfare) May 2003–Dec. 2009      
52. Analysis of Thermal Stress and Dynamic Characteristic and Study on Reliability Development (Korea Railroad Research Institute )Jan. 2003–Apr. 2004      
51. Mechanical Characterization and Life Prediction of Composite Materials for High-pressure Hydrogen Gas Vessel, Considering Environment Effects (MOST) Oct.2003–May. 2006      
50. Development of Smart Skin Antenna Structure for the Future In-vehicle Communication (NGV) Nov. 2002–Apr. 2003      
49. Analysis and Application of Nano Hole Structure (KOSEF ) Oct. 2002–May 2008      
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