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69. Fabrication and Application of Super-hydrophobic/self-cleaning Surfaces for AUV(Autonomous underwater vehicle (PIRO), Feb. 2008-Jan. 2009      
68. Analysis and Design of Continuous Casting Machine Segment in Severe Condition (POSCO), Dec. 2007-Sep. 2008      
67. Optimization for Array Antenna Performance (ETRI) Mar. 2007-Jan. 2008      
66. Design of Smart Skin for Phase Array Antennas (Postech University-Industry Collaboration Institute), Jan. 2007-Dec.2007      
65. Robust Design and Analysis of Continuous Casting Machine Segment (POSCO), Jan. 2007-Dec. 2007      
64. Design and Application of Nanostructures Using Surface Modification Technique (KOSEF), May 2006-Feb. 2011      
63. Improvement of Ladle Slide Gate System by Robust Design (Chosun Refractory) , Apr. 2007–June. 2007      
62. Structure Analysis and Design Technique Development of Fuel Cell (NGV), Nov. 2006–Fev. 2007      
61. The Investigations for Water Leakage Mechanism and Countermeasure of 2-1M/C I-STAR Guide Roller (POSCO), July 2006–Jan. 2007      
60. Improvement of Refractory Plates for Sliding Gate Valve Using TRIZ and Axiomatic Design (Chosun Refractory) Apr. 2006–June 2006      
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